Innovation ecosystem development in universities and scientific centers in Russia — 2015

Innovation ecosystem development in universities and scientific centers in Russia — 2015

The aim of the project is to develop, in leading universities and scientific centers of Russia, objects of innovation infrastructure and a community of innovation leaders, who are occupied with the development of relations between the universities and industry, technology transfer and technological forecasting.

The knowledge commercialization system in Russia is rudimentary at the moment, and a working mechanism of technology transfer, from the acquisition of fundamental knowledge to integration, in the global chain of creation of added value hasn't been formed yet:

  • There is no replicated algorithm that can help intellectual property transfer from the universities and regional scientific centers to industrial enterprises.

  • Universities' intellectual property is not described, is not registered in most part and, very often, it is excluded to external organizations. The direct-flow sale of IP hasn't been launched.

  • There are no intra-university departments or external organizations occupied with systematization, methodological assistance, education and consulting in the sphere of technology transfer and interconnection with industrial enterprises.

Project partners

Project results

The situation in the field of technology and knowledge transfer in the USA, Canada, Israel, Europe and the Republic of Korea was analysed. Interviews with 300 active participants of innovation ecosystems in Russia and abroad was carried out as a part of the research.

The main problems and obstacles for knowledge transfer in the Russian Federation were determined:

  1. Disconnection between the universities and industry

  2. Poor intra-university communication

  3. Imperfect key performance indicators of some support programs

  4. Ideological and operational resistance of Russian industry to the implementation of third party developments in the open innovation mode

5 strategy workshops were arranged: in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Tomsk, Nizhniy Novgorod and Sochi. As a result, we managed to identify a circle of "innovation leaders" and establish consensus with respect to the basic ways of technology transfer development in the universities.

The following events were conducted as well: 

  • Round table and mini-strategy workshop at the conference "Triple helix" (Tomsk)

  • Three round tables at the "Vuzpromexpo" exhibit

  • 2 pilot events as part of the student Demola DB project in Saint-Petersburg

  • Round table and DemoDay in Saint-Petersburg as part of the Innovation forum

  • Round tables at the "Innovation ecosystem" forum (Krasnaya polyana, December 2014)

Drafts of a working program for the "Development of innovation ecosystem" training courses have been prepared for the Bachelor's program (18 hours), Master's program (32 hours), 2 variants of the advanced training programs for employees of the technology transfer centers and management of the establishment (72 hours), lectures and supplementary materials (more than 1000 slides), work copybooks and methodical guidelines for homework.

Pilot educational workshops were conducted at TSU (Tomsk), NIU ITMO (SPb), SGAU (Samara), SurGU (Surgut), MGU (Saransk), VNIGRI (SPb), were visited by more than 300 people.

Agreements of delivering the educational program and implementation of the efficient technology transfer were entered into with 19 universities across the Russian Federation and 6 more agreements are in progress.

More than 280 trainees attended the advanced training program (72 hours). More than 100 developments for commercialization were submitted, originating from homework tasks during this program. 

  • Innovative entrepreneurship module was beta-tested at VSHM SPbGU (rating 9.3 of 10)

  • Innovative entrepreneurship and technology transfer modules were beta-tested at SPbGPU "Politech" (Master's program)

  • Innovative entrepreneurship module in English was beta-tested at SPbGPU "Politech" (International Master's program)

  • Implementation of the Master's course to the education program of NIU ITMO

  • Implementation of the advanced training program at SPbGPU "Politech"

Educational program based on the Demola student DB model involving Finnish speakers was conducted in Saint-Petersburg.

The Business model as a unified database was developed in the Business Studio 4.0 system for efficient Center of technology and competence transfer and marketing including:

  • System of aims and balanced KPI

  • Detailed description of basic and supplementary business processes (15 processes)

  • Organizational structure (7 positions)

  • Department clauses and job instructions (8 documents)

  • Sample documents and templates in Russian and English (license agreements, methods of determining innovation, etc. (more than 30 documents)

More than 100 methodological, sample and standard documents for operation of the Technology Transfer Center at universities were developed.

Agreements of conduction of the educational program and of full or partial implementation of the efficient technology transfer and developed business model were entered into with 19 universities. The model started to adopt, as partial functionality, collection and preparation of projects for DemoDays at 12 universities.

According to the developed model, 3 universities made some adjustments to their "5 in 100" roadmap.

  • Demola: Sample documents related to the localization of the Demola student DB in the Russian Federation were developed (agreement with a company, articles of association of the limited liability company, presentations)

  • Concepts of the corporate and regional Centers of open innovation were developed

more than 1500 participants attended the events devoted to technology transfer and innovation infrastructure.

54 people from 20 universities were identified as key participants of the "innovation leaders" community.

72 representatives of the industry and innovation environment are ready to get involved in the work at a later stage.

more than 500 people joined the project community on Facebook "I'm for the technology transfer".

more than 4 events in the DemoDay format, with practical use cases of the knowledge transfer, were arranged by the trainees, as part of the educational program

Negotiations with the global leaders in the sphere of knowledge transfer in respect to partnership with Russian universities were conducted.

  • 70 students, from 14 universities of Saint-Petersburg, and 8 companies participated in the Demola pilot workshop in Saint-Petersburg in Autumn 2014.

  • Master's research paper relating to international innovative entrepreneurship and technology transfer were made by 6 foreign students (from China, Peru, India, Germany and Finland)

  • The project became a partner of the Russian RTTN network

"Innovation ecosystem: universities and scientific centers" forum was arranged.

In March 2015, the "Innovation ecosystem: universities and scientific centers" forum was conducted, at the premises of NITU MIS&S, in Moscow, where the project results were presented. More than 700 people from 80 universities and scientific organizations, 50 private and state organizations, institutes for development, infrastructure organizations and public associations attended it. App forum participants received methodological materials developed as a part of the project. More than 30 university projects were presented at the DemoDays forum and demonstrated to investors and experts. Representatives of infrastructure, business and universities discussed and agreed on future joint activity during practical discussions.