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Archive of Projects

Archive of Projects

Key Projects:

Development of relations of universities with industry — 2016

The project represents the analysis of domestic and foreign experience on building interaction between universities and the industry, the opening of at least 5 subdivisions for relations between universities and industrial enterprises, and conduction of a number of educational activities on this subject.

Monitoring of the effectiveness of universities' innovation activities — 2016

Development of the methodology for determining the efficiency of innovative activity of Russian Universities and monitoring performance on its bases.

Assessment of human resources reserve for innovation activity at universities — 2016

The project is aimed at analysis of the current situation and identification of opportunities for increasing the quality of the management human resources potential of universities in the field of innovation.

Improving the efficiency of technology transfer from research institutions and universities to the commercial area — 2016

To analyse the current state of this area in our country, as well as to identify concrete initiatives for its improvement, RVC, together with the industry NeuroNet Union have launched the project "Improving the efficiency of technology transfer from research institutions and universities to the commercial area."

Analysis of the competitiveness and efficiency of business-incubators in Russia — 2016

A study of the Russian business incubators and accelerators for UBI Global Methodology, an independent organization, specializing in the analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of business incubators worldwide was launched at the initiative of RVC together with UBI Global and the HSE in October 2016.

"Commercialization of innovations" training program — 2015

The program is based on the training course of two MIT professors, Eugene Fitzgerald and Andreas Wankerl. The training course is designed for innovation management specialists, is included in the common course of the corresponding MIT specialities; it is also given in the Singapore Technological University.

Innovation ecosystem development in universities and scientific centers in Russia — 2015

Development and establishment, in the leading universities and scientific centers of Russia, objects of innovation infrastructure and a community of innovation leaders who are occupied with the development of relations between the universities and industry, technology transfer and technological forecasting.

Coaching for the development of innovation ecosystems at universities — 2015

Educational workshops, strategy sessions, practical training at the leading world universities, consulting and expert events, forums and conferences that will develop teams of 3-5 leading Russian universities up to international standards,  in the sphere of innovation activity are scheduled as part of the project.

Regional workshops of practical consulting (RWPC) — 2015

Regional workshops of practical consulting (RWPC) is a custom, unique RVC format, aimed at the improvement of expertise and gaining of practical skills, by the market participants, whose activity is related to innovation companies at early-stage (seeding and initial) in the regions with a weak innovation ecosystem.

Technology transfer development — 2015

RVC supports development of the innovation ecosystem at universities by the creation of technology transfer centers. The following universities have already started working in this direction: SGAU named after Korolev, NNGU named after Lobachevskiy, Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great, NITU MIS&S and Saint-Petersburg ITMO University. Introduction of the new technology transfer model will enhance the commercialization of university developments and the proportion of non-budgetary sources in financing educational institutions.

Advanced training in the leading research centers, technology transfer centers, universities and clusters — 2015

The gained experience will be implemented in the leading Russian universities, research centers, territorial clusters and the best practices in innovation policy and realization of governmental initiatives, in the sphere of technology innovation, will be applied at national and regional levels, in separate corporations and research centers, for the purpose of the successful realization of the National Technology Initiative.

Technology broker school — 2015

Educational and practical course during which the participants get acquainted with the peculiarities of the technology broker profession, establishing communication between universities, research centers and real business, analysis of successful and failed strategies of commercialization of scientific developments.

"Innovation ecosystem: universities and scientific centers" forum — 2015

The first practical forum related to technology transfer, "Innovation ecosystem: universities and research centers", was conducted in Moscow; it was arranged by RVC together with the business incubator "Ingria", NITU MIS&S and the Project Office of the Program for Improvement of International Competitiveness of Russian Universities "5-100". This forum involved more than 600 people in March 2015.

Development of regional acceleration programs — 2015

Acceleration programs are the efficient instruments for the development of the regional start-up community. RVC regularly supports such programs in many Russian regions.

"Basics of innovation economy" academic course — 2015

Basics of innovation economy is the academic course, developed by NUST MIS&S, upon request by RVC. Recommended for inclusion to the base economy course for Bachelors of engineering, technical and natural science directions and has been beta tested in five universities.

"Company Research, Developments and Innovation Management" Master’s Degree Program — 2015

This program allows students for 2 years, personally or by distance study, to gain competence in the sphere of management of research and technology enterprise development.