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Development of strategic partners in setting up of the national innovation system

Development of strategic partners in setting up of the national innovation system

RVC traditionally participates in development of key players in the innovation ecosystem — regional development institutions, leading universities, the most efficient innovation infrastructure objects. They became strategic partners for RVC which are ready to invest their own resources — human and financial — in the national innovation system development projects. This initiative is aimed at development and support of such strategic partners and at strengthening RVC's connections with these partners.

Special attention will be paid to facilitation of involvement of the RVC strategic partners in development and implementation of the National Technology Initiative (primarily regional high tech companies and universities).

Objectives of the initiative

1. Support of activity of the regional administrations and regional development institutions implementing, on the territory of the corresponding constituent entity of the Russian Federation, comprehensive development projects aimed at development of innovation ecosystem (including by way of execution and renewal of agreements between RVC CJSC and constituent entities of the Russian Federation).

2. Support of activity of the leading universities and scientific centers around which their own innovation ecosystem is being developed.

Key Projects:

Development of innovation clusters

The project aims at providing services for the methodical, organizational and expert-analytical support of innovation infrastructure facilities, including innovative regional clusters — the participants of the priority project of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia "Development of innovation clusters — the leaders of investment attractiveness of the world level."