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Development of competence of the innovation system participants and promotion of the RVC's strategic agenda

Development of competence of the innovation system participants and promotion of the RVC's strategic agenda

One of the key initiative directions will become implementation of the RVC's intellectual activity results in the key forums agenda and media venues. Promotion of the RVC's intellectual products will also be done through conduction of the specialized educational programs for the key target audiences — representatives of the governmental authorities, innovation ecosystem, mass media, technology business, investment community.

Particular attention will be paid to work with and training of participants of NTI task forces, support to their agenda in the public sector.

Objectives of the initiative

1. Development of competence of the key market participants in accordance with the RVC's strategic priorities.

2. Ensuring implementation of RVC's agenda and promotion of the generated content on the key Russian and international venues.

3. Involvement of the key partners (Russian and international) in discussion and distribution of the messages generated within the direction framework.

4. Development of instruments for the promotion of RVC's strategic agenda.

Key Projects:

Training Course: Innovative Economy and Technological Entrepreneurship

Creation of a standard training course on economics and entrepreneurship for bachelor students being trained in educational programs of natural-science and technical programs, and accompanying methodological materials, as well as making arrangements for the dissemination of the course or its key modules among higher education establishments in Russia.

Innovation Ecosystem: universities and research centres

On 21-22 April 2016, Moscow hosted the II Annual Forum "Innovation Ecosystem: universities and research centres", organized by RVC and NRTU Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys in partnership with the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. This year, the central theme was the development of innovation ecosystems of universities and research institutions, the establishment of 3.0 Universities and a discussion of their participation in the implementation of the National Technology Initiative (NTI).

Basic RVC department Technology Project Management at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)

To address the requirements of innovation companies, for specialists to be able to manage scientific research and development, creation and promotion of new technologies and products. Leading Russian universities, at the request of RVC, develop and implement new educational programs. One of the first successful projects of this kind is the RVC base academic department at MIPT which trains personnel for technology project management.