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Overcoming technology related barriers

Overcoming technology related barriers

Overcoming technology related barriers to the creation of new products is a crucial task for both Russian and foreign high-tech companies, the solution of which determines competitiveness in promising markets.

The RVC solves the task of overcoming technology related barriers on "end-to-end" NTI technologies as a continuation of the company support program within the framework of the NTI-Development, Innovation Support Fund, and the implementation of two new projects:

— selection and support of the activity of NTIcompetence centres on the basis of universities and scientific organizations;
— conducting technology competitions of NTI.

Program initiatives

NTI competence centres on the basis of universities and scientific organizations

The goal of NTI Competence Centres Support Program is to form a network of engineering and educational consortiums on the basis of Russian universities and scientific organizations to create innovative solutions in the field of "end-to-end" technologies that provide global leadership to companies that use these technologies to produce products and services. The centres are created in partnership with Russian and foreign organizations (universities and leading scientific organizations, commercial partners) that participate in the formulation of research tasks.

NTI Technology Competitions

The most critical task of NTI is formation of a scientific and technical backlog in Russia, an active support of "cross-cutting" technologies and removal of existing technology related barriers to the development of Russian industry. Overcoming technology associated barriers will contribute to the development of national scientific and industrial potential, intellectual base, as well as the emergence of new technologies, products, and markets.