Technical Committee 164 “Artificial Intelligence” (TC 164)

Technical Committee 164 “Artificial Intelligence” (TC 164)

The Standardisation Technical Committee 164 “Artificial Intelligence” was formed to increase the efficiency of standardisation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) on the national, interstate, and international levels. The main task of the technical committee is to create a regulatory and technical base and promote Russian standards on the international level. TC 164 was approved by order # 1732 of Rosstandart of July 25, 2019.

Several factors currently hamper the implementation of AI technologies in critical areas of the economy connected with shortcomings in the regulatory control of using these technologies:

Lack of Confidence in AI Systems

Unwarranted quality of work, non-transparent logic of decision making, sensitivity to “adversarial” attacks.

Limitations on the use of AI systems in solving significant tasks.

Metrological Difficulties

Lack of standard procedures for comparing the functionality of AI systems with each other and with the capabilities of a qualified human operator.

Problems of assessing the applied effect of the use of AI systems.

Interoperability Issues

Lack of standard data presentation formats, requirements for the formation of training and control samples ...

Problems of effective integration of AI systems in the information and communication infrastructure.

The Structure and Objectives of TC 164

Working Groups (WG):

WG 01 — Fundamental Standards

  • unification and standardization of terminology
  • ensuring the interoperability of AI systems
  • ensuring methodological continuity in the field of AI methods and algorithms
  • increasing the effectiveness of collective work on the creation of AI systems

WG 02 — Big Data

  • unification and standardisation of requirements for procedures and means of database storage used in the development, testing and operation of AI systems
  • removal of regulatory barriers related to the processing of personal data (guaranteed depersonification, consent management, etc.)
  • unification of metrics that determine the quality of database sets

WG 03 — Quality of Artificial Intelligence Systems

  • standardisation of general procedures to confirm confidence and functional features
  • standardisation of procedures to confirm the safety of the AI system functioning (the absence of unacceptable threats to users, third parties, and the environment)
  • standardisation of procedures to confirm the predictability of the AI system behaviour under certain operating conditions (domain)

WG 04 — Applied Artificial Intelligence Technologies

  • unification of the quality characteristics of the AI systems aimed at solving specific applied data processing tasks
  • standardisation of approaches to measuring the functional attributes of applied AI systems

WG 05 — Artificial Intelligence in Education

  • standardisation of requirements for educational materials to create personal, educational trajectories using AI technologies
  • standardisation of information on the educational activity of students (digital footprint) and the formation of standards for its use, distribution, and interpretation to introduce adaptability and non-linearity of the educational process using AI
  • standardisation of requirements for educational platforms and training tools to integrate AI technologies

Contacts TC 164

Committee Secretariat: RVC, JSC, the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, 1 Nobelya St., 121205 Moscow.