NTI Olympiad

NTI Olympiad

The NTI Olympiad is a unique format of engineering competitions for schoolchildren of 7-11 grades aimed at identifying and developing talented children who are able to solve complex interdisciplinary tasks. The Olympiad takes place in 17 educational profiles related to the development of “markets of the future” - unmanned vehicles, intellectual energy, small space, neuro- and biotechnologies and other advanced scientific fields. The profiles of the Olympiad correspond to the industry priorities of NTI - the program of Russia's global technology leadership by 2035.

NTI Olympiad Profiles

Profile"Autonomous transport systems" simulates the real tasks of unmanned vehicles that engineers may face in the future.

Profile“Big data and machine learning” immerses participants in real-world tasks related to analysing large amounts of data and developing applications.

Profile"Intelligent Energy Systems" solve the problem that will confront the engineers of the future: how to build a smart power grid that will unite consumers with various generation objects into a single system.

Profile"Communication systems and remote sensing of the Earth (Space systems)"- this is an opportunity to try yourself as a space engineer. Participants will be engaged in designing the satellite and programming its flight.

Profile"Unmanned aircraft systems"- technical and innovation activities in the field of designing control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Profile"Intellectual robotic systems" is about "smart" devices that are increasingly surrounding us in everyday life.

Profile"Engineering biological systems" aims to solve practical biological problems at all possible levels of the organization of life: from molecular genetic to organic and biocenotic.

Profile"The creation of prosthetic systems (neurotechnology)"is dedicated to human-machine interaction, recognition of emotional states of a person, expanding the possibilities of interaction with the outside world.

Profile"Nanosystems and nanoengineering" is built on the relationship of physics, chemistry, and biology in the modern scientific world.

Profile members "Wireless Technology" will solve the problems of building networks and providing communication in conditions when, simultaneously with the increase in the number of connected devices and the amount of traffic, the requirements for system reliability increase.

In the profile "Electronic Engineering: smart House" you have the opportunity to feel yourself as a designer of a house of the future, to equip it with fire alarm systems based on presence, smoke and leakage sensors.

Within the profile "Nuclear Technologies", participants are invited to solve problems related to atomic physics and nuclear technology.

Profile“Developing Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications” is dedicated to the application of virtual and augmented reality technologies in education, medicine, industry, and the military industry.

Profile"Software Engineering Financial Technologies" is dedicated to the financial industry, telecommunications, and information security.

Final Profile Task "New production technologies" looks fantastic: soon, people will start building the necessary machines at home, as they do now have computers.

New "smart" materials are created every day; one can only guess which discovery will turn medicine over, who will change fashion, and who will make a revolution in the construction industry. The task of the "New materials and sensors "profile is to develop a new material.

The members of the "Water robotic systems" profile is necessary to program the whole system of small robots with different functionalities.



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