Basic Department of RVC in MIPT Management of Technology Projects

Basic Department of RVC in MIPT Management of Technology Projects

Russian companies, striving for innovative development, are faced with shortage of professionals, capable of managing research and development activities, creating and promoting new products and technologies. The most serious personnel shortage is in the mid-level management. To solve the problem RVC created its base department at MIPT in 2008.

It trains personnel for innovative and R&D divisions of technology companies and universities, prepares project designers for technological brokers and analysts for venture capital funds within the Master's program "Technology Project Management." This unique programme focuses on students of natural sciences with Bachelor's degree (physics, chemistry, biology etc.) whereby their natural-scientific background will be complemented by business training.

The learning process at the department is based on the two components:

  • Study of currently applied management disciplines (new product development, innovation marketing, financing, strategic management and others) under the guidance of leading industry professionals.
  • Real-task based R&D activities throughout the educational period, work at R&D departments of large technology corporations, venture capital funds, small and medium-sized technology companies, and innovative infrastructure facilities of universities and research centres.

Over the two years of study, Master degree graduates obtain:

  • Knowledge and skills necessary to work with innovative technology projects;
  • Marketable profession;
  • Opportunity to have internship under international acceleration programs;
  • Opportunity to combine work and study as the classes take place in the evening;
  • Opportunity to create and develop their own projects.

A graduate of the department will be able to hold office of an innovation project manager or venture capital fund expert/analyst. His/her career may then progress to the position of R&D Director or Managing Partner of venture capital fund. If he/she has entrepreneurial skills, the graduate will be able to run their own technological start-ups and manage them.

New Master Program

In 2018, RVC, together with the Laboratory of Neural Systems and In-Depth Training, MIPT and the MIPT-Sberbank laboratory, open a new master's program in project management in the field of artificial intelligence technologies. Student enrolment will begin in May 2018.

The Master’s program curriculum includes business courses at the RVC’s Management of Technological Projects Basic Department in Economics and Management, as well as courses from leading specialized departments of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (FPMI), courses of the neural systems laboratory and in-depth training, and others.

The program invites graduates of undergraduate technical specialties who have experience in the field of programming, an idea for a product or a business project that can be implemented using iPavlov-based technologies - an open platform for developing conversational artificial intelligence and MIPT-Sberbank technologies. In the process of learning under the guidance of scientific leaders, students will be able to create their own start-up - to develop a product and prepare it for commercialization.


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