20.35 University

20.35 University

The NTI University “20.35” is the first university in Russia that provides professional development of a person in the digital economy. It will focus on training leaders of companies, participants in the National Technology Initiative (NTI) and specialists working in new global markets.

A new training format will appear at the NTI University “20.35”, where the educational modules needed by the student will be individually assembled in various educational institutions with the strongest courses. This approach makes it possible to call the University "network project". The new format will make it possible to concentrate the best developments of institutes, universities, FANO, corporate academies, industries, and even individual specialists on the same platform. As noted in the concept of creating a university, the program will take into account the student’s level of competence for the optimal selection of courses. Training will be conducted in full-time and in absentia mode.

Instead of a diploma, a digital profile of competencies will be formed for the graduate, which reflects his real achievements. Creating a competency profile as a new confirmation of learning outcomes is incorporated in the Digital Economy program.

By 2020, the share of students using the DPC will be 20%, and the number of graduates of the vocational education system with basic competencies of the digital economy will exceed 300 thousand people per year.

RVC JSC provides expert and analytical support for the formation of the University of Scientific and Technical Information, including:
— creating a regulatory framework for university activities;
— “fine-tuning” of the educational process, both in terms of content and organization (transition from vertical teaching formats to horizontal ones (dialogue on an equal footing), strengthening the formatters of works involving cooperation between students).