Infrastructure centers of NTI

Infrastructure centers of NTI

The goal of the Infrastructure Centers Support Program is to create points of attraction for the accelerated formation of new markets. The centers will generate a strategic vision for the development of individual areas of NTI, provide expert and analytical support for working groups, and work with regulatory restrictions. In addition, the Infrastructure Centers will become communication platforms for the formation of NTI communities. Thanks to the creation of the Centers, all these tasks of NTI will now be solved on a systematic and long-term basis.

The infrastructure centers of NTI are created in the form of non-profit organizations that unite representatives of the business community, ensuring the fulfillment of part of the development tasks of one of the directions of the National Technology Initiative. The creation of NTI infrastructure centers is carried out in the interests of forming of an expert-analytical infrastructure for the activities of NTI working groups.

Tasks of the NTI Infrastructure Centers

— preparation of changes to the existing “road maps” of NTI, including forecasting the development of the market or the direction of NTI in the future until 2035, as well as the formation of a list of technological and regulatory barriers;
— development of proposals for legal or technical regulation, including drafts of legislative and regulatory legal acts, technical standards and regulations;
— expert and analytical activities organization in the interests of the “road maps” implementation in order to improve legislation and eliminate administrative barriers for National Technology Initiative (“regulatory road maps” of the NTI) implementation ensuring;
— development of NTI communities, including the holding of thematic events;
— monitoring of draft regulatory acts in order to ensure the implementation of the NTI “regulatory road maps” completeness and comprehensiveness.

State support of NTI Infrastructure Centers

State support of the Scientific and Technical Infrastructure Centers of NTI is implemented in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 3, 2018 No. 402 "On approval of the Rules for granting subsidies from the federal budget for the financial support of the implementation by non-profit organizations that perform the functions of infrastructure centers and programs for the development of certain areas of the National Technology Initiative and Provisions on the conduct of competitive selection for the financial support of the implementation of non-profit organizations that perform the functions of infrastructure centers, programs for the development of individual areas of the National Technology Initiative ”(hereinafter - Decree No. 402).

Selection of recipients of the subsidy is carried out on a competitive basis. The functions of the operator of competitive selection in accordance with the Decree number 402 are endowed JSC "RVK". Also, RVK JSC provides support and monitoring of the activities of the NTI Infrastructure Centers.

The amount of funds allocated to all seven NTI Infrastructure Centers over the course of 3 years is planned at a rate of up to 682 million rubles. The concept of the Infrastructure Centers assumes that from the fourth year of operation, the Infrastructure Centers will switch to a self-sufficiency model by attracting funds from industrial partners. The centers took on the corresponding obligations in the applications submitted for the competition.

Information on the competitive selection

Competitive selection of NTI Infrastructure Centers was held in 2018 7 NTI Infrastructure Centers were selected.

Direction of NTI The name of the winner
1 Avtonet Association of Developers, Manufacturers and Consumers of Equipment and Applications Based on GLONASS / GNSS-Global Global Navigation Systems
2 Aeronet "Analytical Center" AeroNet "
3 Additional education Association of technological circles members
4 Neuronet Branch Union "Neuronet"
5 Technet "Technet" Association
6 Healthnet The fund "Science and Technology Park of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok"
7 Energynet Foundation Center for Strategic Research "North-West"


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