Global Technology Leadership Forum

Global Technology Leadership Forum

The Global Technology Leadership Forum is dedicated to introducing advanced end-to-end technologies in high-tech industries and developing the state’s innovative ecosystem.

The focus of the Forum is the formation of the technological policy of Russia for the next decade, the evaluation of the results of scientific and technological development, the determination of the role and leadership potential of Russia in the global technological agenda and the formation of the NTI strategy for the period of 2020-2025.

Forum Key Sections

  • Three days of the business program
  • Award Ceremony for the NTI Project Leaders and Working Groups
  • Stress tests of Roadmaps for the development of high-tech areas
  • Award ceremony of the all-Russian journalism contest TECH in MEDIA
  • The Innovations and Technologies in Real Life Exhibition
  • Informal program and series of networking events

Forum Agenda

  • High-tech areas that will determine the global economy of the future
  • Development of modern innovative infrastructure in the regions of the Russian Federation
  • State support and stimulation of the transition of business to high-tech industries
  • Effective cooperation mechanisms and technological platforms to accelerate scientific and technological development
  • The role of the corporation in the development of individual high-tech areas and ensuring global technology leadership
  • Formation of the strategy of the National Technology Initiative for 2020-2025
  • Creation of technology consortia based on end-to-end technologies
  • NTI Ecosystem: dissemination of best experiences, best practices and key competencies in the field of science, technology and innovation

Why participate:

Government representatives

Formation of a state request to corporations, updating measures to support innovation and tools to stimulate the development of high-tech areas, support for innovative infrastructure.


Synchronization of business with state requests and the capabilities of the innovation ecosystem, analysis of innovative development strategies of technology leader companies, selection of ready-made projects and possible solutions for business.

Technology Entrepreneurs

Interaction with investors and big business, obtaining information on relevant tools to support technology companies, reviewing promising markets, receiving feedback on your product from the expert community.


Establishing ties with large business, discussing the current agenda of the investment community with its participants, analysing trends in new technology markets, and reviewing promising new generation technologies.

The NTI Community

Participation in the final annual NTI event, scaling up the leaders’ experience, creating an NTI strategy for the period of 2020–2025, creating stable horizontal links and direct contacts.

Universities, Scientific and Research Organizations

Analysis of a business request and demonstration of its capabilities, expert discussions on promising areas of research, discussion of the technical transfer and commercialization opportunities with market participants, study of the practical side of technology implementation.




NTI platform

RVC is a state fund of funds, an institute of development of the Russian venture industry. Since 2016, RVC has been the Project Office of the National Technology Initiative, supporting the development and implementation of roadmaps and NTI projects.   The NTI platform is a non-profit organization created to engage people in the development of companies that strive to become leaders in fundamentally new technology markets.

The Venue

Rose Hall
Russia, Sochi, Estosadok Settl., Lavanda Embankment, 6


Phone: +7 (495) 777-01-04
Hot line: 8-800-505-08-80 (с 9:00 до 21:00)
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