The Tech In Media Contest of Innovative Journalism

The Tech In Media Contest of Innovative Journalism

Tech in Media is an all-Russian contest for journalists covering the topic of science and technology.

In 2019, the contest was dedicated to the National Technological Initiative - the state program of measures to support the development of hopeful industries in Russia, which over the next 20 years, can become the heart of the global economy.

Applications were accepted in the following areas:

1. Venture business - coverage of the investment market in innovative projects and activities of the "angelic community".
2. Unmanned transport - coverage of the unmanned transport market: quadrocopters, unmanned vehicles, and sea vessels.
3. Technological enthusiast - coverage of activities of makers and technological enthusiasts.
4. Artificial intelligence and machine learning - coverage of the science of creating intelligent systems: machine learning, data management, healthcare, and human resource management.
5. Biotechnology and genetic engineering - coverage of the main directions of development and innovative achievements of modern biotechnology and genetic engineering, which can significantly improve the quality of life and human health (BIOCAD Special Track).
6. Life science - coverage of achievements in the field of neurobiology, molecular biology, and related fields (Special nomination GE Healthcare Life Sciences).

To participate in Tech in Media, there have been invited professional journalists, both staff and freelance, as well as registered central and regional mass media. They include TV channels, radio, print media with any periodicity, Internet media, Internet TV channels, issued by universities' media, and authors of Internet blogs.


The support program for journalism of technology, science, and innovation in the form of a contest for the best authors, as an initiative of the RVC, JSC, has existed for more than seven years, since 2011. The Innovation through the Eyes of Journalists contest was re-launched under the Tech in Media brand in 2014 when the program grew with an educational component in addition to the contest component. So, in the period 2014-15, the Tech in Media team has implemented a set of educational activities (seminars, lectures, business games) for regional journalists, students interested in building a career in the field of scientific and innovative journalism. At the venues of large regional forums, within which the intermediate results of the contest were summed up, master classes and round tables for journalists from leading experts in the field of creating innovative venture and popular science content were held. Over the past two years, content partners and sponsors of the Tech in Media contest have been such companies and corporations as Intel, Rosatom, Merck, Rybakov Fund, and others.

In 2018, applications for participation in four thematic tracks such as “Venture Business”, “Life Sciences”, “Philanthropy and Technology", “Hydrogen Energy” were received from 610 authors of print and online media, radio and television journalists from 33 cities. According to the results of the work of the expert council and the jury, the best works of the eighth season were determined. The winners will share the prize fund in the amount of 2,240,000 roubles.

The best authors of the track “Life Sciences”, in addition to cash prizes, will have the opportunity to go on a press tour to Testa Centre, the production site and the R&D centre of the partner of the GE Healthcare Life Sciences contest in Sweden.

The awards were also given to the authors of the new thematic track: “Philanthropy and Technology”, which first appeared in the contest in 2018. The track's partner is the Rybakov Fund. In essence, a private Russian philanthropic foundation awarded the prize to journalists who are interested in the topic of digital projects created to solve socially significant problems.


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