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Media Accelerator

Media Accelerator

Media-accelerator is a program aimed at development of the popular scientific, professional, educational, maker venues and services as well as innovation ecosystem participants ratings.

In order to ensure technological breakthrough on new markets in medium term and long term perspective it is necessary to form the corresponding infrastructure including informational - to stimulate and retain interest of young people to science and technology, to form new open sources about new professions, career-guidance services, develop transparency instruments for the venture market.

RVC implements such projects from 2012, and in 2014 the project transformed to Media accelerator. The project is aimed at support of the special projects and organization of internship for Mass Media publishers that entered the accelerator, master classes and workshops for media managers, organization of industry conference devoted to innovation media and digital formats (MediaMakers).

Project objectives

To increase presence in informational field related to venture business, entrepreneurship, science and technology through implementation of the projects and loyalty program for industry-specific media venues and services.

Project tasks

  • Support provided to the centers engaged in creation of the high quality content for thematic tracks;
  • Stimulation of growth of the venues audience that are included in the media accelerator program;
  • Assistance in determining business models and commercialization of new thematic mass media;
  • Provision of the relevant information partners for the other big projects managed by RVC.
  • Seeding of the thematic content in mass media via niche media.

Project participants

Thematic niche mass media and services that make it possible to create content and accumulate expertise in exposure of topics related to venture business, science, technology, makers, technological entrepreneurship and that ensure its distribution, including media and services that previously participated in Media Accelerator are invited to participate.

Work with specialized media in five main segments determined based on topic activity priorities of RVC in medium term perspective:

1) Venture investment
2) Promotion of science and technologies.
3) Maker culture
4) New professions
5) Technological entrepreneurship


Contact: Ekaterina Dolgueva, Project Manager RVC JSC
Phone: +7 (495) 777-01-04 (ext. 352)