Rukami Club Community Integrator

Rukami Club Community Integrator

The project aims to create and develop a community of makers in Russia — inventors creating entirely new products using unsophisticated tools and technologies at hand.

Based on the network of resource centres already established in Russia, the project:

  1. launches the process of involvement of young people in technical creativity;
  2. builds a community of technology enthusiasts and strengthens the links between existing elements of the community;
  3. contributes to the growth of the quality of resource centres.

The result of the project will be the ability of the community of technology enthusiasts to saturate new technology markets with ideas and talents, to generate and independently implement engineering projects to meet the current needs of a business or city.

As part of the project, an international festival of makers will be organized in Moscow, and city festivals will be held in 30 regions of Russia to involve participants from all over the country. The practice exchange program will strengthen competencies of resource centre management teams, and a high-quality level of development and a promotion campaign will draw new enthusiasts into the maker movement and raise the image of technical creativity.

Project Objective

Creation of a community of technology enthusiasts as an environment that nourishes technology markets with ideas and talents.

Project Tasks

  • Solving the problem of internal development and expansion of the community, strengthening ties between its participants;
  • Popularisation of the club movement and technical creativity, involvement of new participants in the club movement;
  • Creation of a network of “growth centres” of a community of technology enthusiasts — the so-called platforms for generating new engineering projects, focused, among other things, on real business needs, the urban environment, and the market.

The Project Content

The International Maker Festival

The International Maker Festival is a two-day event, which will present the best work formats and maker projects from the regions as well as international formats and best practices. Masterclasses and lectures as well as performances will be held on various thematic tracks of the Festival.

The Festival aims to attract the broadest possible audience — from a family with young children to a “hipster” youth audience.

The network of Regional Events

Community communications within the region and attracting new members is the task to be fulfilled by the direction of regional events — city club festivals for community representatives and urban residents. The format of each event is selected based on the characteristics and specifics of the regions. A study is conducted in each region, which is followed by the making a guide to the clubs of the region and an analytical report on the development of technical creativity on the basis of study results.

Practice Exchange Program

The practice exchange program develops the business competencies of resource centre management teams (attracting participants, community management, project activities, marketing communications, ability to build partnerships with the business segment, management of regulatory documents). It allows resource centres both to attract a new audience and to retain it by creating a sustainable community, to create and maintain a productive environment within the site.


This track strives to attract new members of the community of technology enthusiasts on the quality and quantity basis. It includes both the popularisation of makership ideas and information campaigns of the project activities.


Natalya Smelkova
Project Manager
Tel.: +7 (495) 777-01-04 (ext. 121)