Innovation ecosystem forum 2017

Innovation ecosystem forum 2017

The forum is conducted from 2014 and addresses the most important topics related to technological entrepreneurship development, regional innovation infrastructure, venture market and National Technology Initiative. RVC is a Forum organizer.

Representatives of innovation business, universities, scientific and engineering centers, territorial innovation clusters as well as venture investors, representatives of NTI task forces and delegates from the federal authorities are among the participants.

Plenary session, industrial round tables, strategic sessions, business meetings are held within the program framework, as well as networking among the Forum participants.


Key agenda at the Innovation ecosystem forum in 2017 was summarizing the expiring yea and determination of the mainstream industry trends. More than 250 experts and investors invited by RVC to participate in the dialog formed their vision of the venture market strategy that will be forwarded to the Ministry of economy development.

The main tendency that engaged expectations of all forum participants is involvement of the corporations on venture industry. The other important trends include increased interest to the work on the international markets, increased expectations related to attraction of the funds from institutional investors. The main problems include - lack of high quality projects and regulatory misbalance.

Purposes, tasks and directions for implementation of the venture market development strategy were declared by Oleg Fomichev, State-secretary - deputy of the Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation at the forum plenary session. Strategy purposes are to ensure availability of venture funding and to develop venture support instruments. Three directions will be included in the strategy - creation of the stable venture market institutions, extension of the venture capital offers, development of the technological entrepreneurship.

Tasks for the Innovation Ecosystem tracks in 2017:

Track "Projects and technologies»:

Discussion of the ways to ensure enough flow of high quality technological projects for venture ecosystem in the Russian Federation in 2018-2020. View of the project suppliers and consumers.

Track "Investments":

Evaluation of the expected parameters of the Russian venture market in the horizon of 5-7 years and key challenges the investors will face with. To determine competitive advantages can engage new investors to the market including the foreign ones.

Track «Society»:

To determine who is a successful technological entrepreneur and what conditions are required in order to increase their number considerably. To determine how the state can help in this matter.


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