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Communication laboratory

Communication laboratory

"Communication laboratory", an educational and networking RVC project, is intended to strengthen relationship in the informational ecosystem chain "science - education - Mass Media - society" and "science - business".

Project objectives

Development of common information exchange standards for the research and development community, mass media and public, as well as search for the new class of specialists: communicators in scientific field.

Project mission

  • To determine the state of scientific communications in Russia and what are the priorities for their development;
  • To initiate dialog between the representatives of scientific community and the public via mass media, the assist in overcoming of the barriers in communication between them;
  • To assist in development of culture and infrastructure of the information exchange between science and mass media.

Project task

To help educational and media communities to establish efficient cooperation, learn how to understand each other and address common communication standards.

The scientists, representatives of the communication departments of the European and American universities and research organizations, journalists and editors of the scientific, popular science and public mass media, science promoters, authors and organizers of the own science promotion projects, representatives of the universities' and SRI's press services, owners of the science-driven business, professional communication associations as well as all ecosystem participants interested in development of the scientific communication in Russia are invited to participate in the project.


The project became a holder of the personalized award The Jake Wittmer Award as one of the most outstanding among prize works at the international contest IABC Gold Quill Awards 2015 and a holder of two SABRE awards: In2 SABRE Awards (Insight + Innovation) in the nomination Digital Newsrooms and «gold» premium SABRE «Educational and cultural establishments».