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Maker Faire Moscow

A global celebration of the triumph of courage, creativity, and hard work, a festival of popular science and technology, garage innovations, digital art, new technologies and traditional crafts, a meeting place for those who think, do and share their experience and knowledge as well as an opportunity for all family members to spend a pleasant and useful weekend.

07.09.2019 — 08.09.2019 (12:00 — 18:00)

Venue: 9 Krimsky Val, Moscow, Central Park of Culture and Recreation named after M. Gorky
Ribrics: Industry events

Maker Faire Moscow means an exhibition of achievements by makers from Moscow and other parts of Russia, special guests from abroad, more than a hundred interactive booths, dozens of master classes and fascinating stories, presentations of new partner’s products and much more. This is the largest international festival nationwide.

The following makers are welcome to participate: creative individuals, young start-up participants, or owners of successful businesses that grew out of hobbies.

Projects in any field can take part in the festival, including but not limited to:

  • 3D mapping; 
  • 3D printing; 
  • Alternative energy; 
  • Arduino; 
  • Gadgets; 
  • Puzzles; 
  • Drones; 
  • Internet of Things; 
  • Artificial intelligence; 
  • Machines and machinery; 
  • Personal transport facilities; 
  • Robots.

Maker Faire Moscow was organized by a team of makers — employees and residents of Russia's oldest fab lab — NUST "MISiS" digital production laboratory.

The first Moscow Mini Maker Faire was held in Moscow and Russia in 2016.

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