Rukami: Zero September

The "Rukami” project is aimed at attracting attention of young people and a wide audience to technical creativity, making, creation of own projects in clubs. Rukami includes series of 10 regional makership events in 2019 showcasing technical creativity projects, with the best presenting their inventions in Moscow at the "Rukami" International Festival of Ideas and Technologies.

31.08.2019 — 01.09.2019

Venue: 1 Mira square, City of Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai. The "Peace Square" Museum Centre (Newton Park)
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The main feature of the Krasnoyarsk festival is the combination of creativity, science and art. Centres of youth innovation creativity, scientific and technical circles, universities, technological enthusiasts will showcase their achievements on interactive platforms, during master classes, hackathons, lectures, scientific battles, flash mobs.

Visitors to the festival will be able to explore the capabilities offered by VR, try hand at electronics, work on real machines and engage in woodworking. The most creative visitors will be determined during “Race of Imagination", a contest with the main idea to create an engineering model using materials at hand.

Rukami is a non-commercial project initiated by RVC JSC and implemented by the Foundation for Support of NTI Projects. The project was approved in 2018 by the Russian Presidential Council for Economic Modernization and Innovative Development of Russia as a key project for the implementation of the NTI Circle Movement’s roadmap. The project focuses on attracting attention of young people and a wide audience to technical creativity, makership, creation of own projects in circles.

Rukami includes a series of regional maker events demonstrating technical creativity projects, the best of which are expected to present their inventions in Moscow. The key event of the project — the Rukami International Festival — will gather technological enthusiasts from Russia and foreign countries, will unite the best practices and formats. The project covers an educational and networking program for the management teams of the circles to attract both a new audience and retain it by forming a stable community.

A circle movement is an all-Russian community of technical creativity enthusiasts built on the principle of horizontal connections between people, ideas and resources and established based on the corresponding NTI roadmap. The NTI objectives and opportunities are incorporated into the “Science” national project.

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