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Moscow Digital Forum

It is a world-class event that brings together Russian and international experts in the development and integration of digital city services.

26.02.2019 (11:00 — 20:00)

Venue: Digital Business Space 47 Pokrovka Street, Moscow
Ribrics: RVC events
Status: Participant

Forum tasks:

  • Replicating the best existing solutions for digital urban services that have proven their effectiveness “in practice”; 
  • Selection of the best services for their presentation at foreign technological exhibitions on behalf of the Russian delegation; 
  • Discussion of the impact of global trends in end-to-end digital technologies on the development of digital urban services.

Forum Participants:

  • Representatives of the Russian authorities; 
  • Heads and CDOs of territorial entities of the Russian Federation, representatives of municipalities; 
  • Managers of technology companies; 
  • Representatives of technology parks and startups, entrepreneurs; 
  • Russian and foreign investors and experts.

Thematic areas of the forum program:

1. Digital services for the regions:

  • Special track for CDOs, representatives of the regions and municipalities; 
  • This section examines specific cases of IT technology implementation, which difficulties were faced by colleagues from other regions, how they were overcome; 
  • Exhibition of the best domestic digital solutions that have proven their effectiveness.

2. Digitalization tenders:

  • How to become a solution provider for government agencies? What will be the rules for conducting tenders for digitalization in 2019? How do IT companies participate in them? 
  • Heads of procurement departments and representatives of federal agencies will answer these and many other questions related to the procurement of IT solutions.

3. End-to-end digital technologies:

  • Discussions with Russian and international experts and investors about how technology development will impact digital services.
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