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8th start-up marathon "Reconnaissance in Force"

The venue for young entrepreneurs, new business initiators who want to attract investments in development of their ideas; for representatives of the business interested in investment of the resources in the projects on different stages including the earliest ones.

02.02.2019 — 03.02.2019

Venue: Moscow, Leninskie gory, Premises 1, build. 75, 77
Ribrics: Industry events

Marathon idea

  • Assistance to the start-ups and investors to find each other. 
  • Coaching and mentoring from organizers and investors provided to student and school projects free of charge. 
  • Within the framework of the upcoming marathon, start-up projects of different themes will be provided; one of them is nanotechnologies — symbol of new science and technology revolution. They are the "highest" technologies which development is financed in the amount of billion USD by the leading economy countries.

Representatives of the start-ups from IT, finance, Horeca, medicine, industrial production, services, children development projects are also invited to participate.

It is worth mentioning that the event partner will be MSU n.a. М. V. Lomonosov Following the results of 7 events, 309 projects were considered, 44 projects found investors, 43 projects received mentor assistance and are now on the implementation stage.

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