ICT in healthcare 2020

Conference devoted to the issues of digitalization of health.


Venue: Moscow
Site: events.cnews.ru/events/ikt_v_zdravoohranenii_2020.shtml
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Digitalization of health care is one of the most urgent tasks. Improving the quality, availability and speed of medical services is the main task facing the state. At the same time, while the state is trying to solve the problem of building e-Health on a national scale, there are solutions on the ground that can improve the quality of medical care here and now. Digitalization of medicine will inevitably lead to the development of a patient-centric model, where medical organizations will focus on providing patients with the most convenient services. The Foundation should be the creation of platforms, access to patient data, the development of mobility and telemedicine. This is true digital medicine.

Topics to be discussed at the conference:

1. EGISS and a Single digital circuit health

  • How the Single digital healthcare circuit is developing;
  • Who to ensure the integration of regional and municipal solutions;
  • What will create a Single digital circuit for patients;
  • How a Single digital circuit will change the work of doctors;
  • What awaits you? IT systems in the field.

2. Data in healthcare

  • How data processing is organized in healthcare;
  • What role does artificial intelligence play in data processing;
  • How can anonymized patient data be used;
  • When doctors will have systems to support medical decision-making.

3. Safety

  • How to ensure safe storage of medical data;
  • How safe are telemedicine consultations;
  • Can mobile patient monitoring be trusted;
  • What data can be stored in the cloud.

4. Technologies in healthcare

  • How the integrated electronic medical record will work;
  • How to create an ecosystem of providers of health care services;
  • New formats for improving the qualification of doctors;
  • Artificial intelligence in healthcare;
  • What processes in healthcare can be robotic;
  • Machine learning in the service of doctors.

5. Telemedicine and mobile technologies

  • Telemedicine: what prevents its widespread dissemination;
  • Effectiveness of remote health monitoring;
  • How did the remote consultations during the period of self-isolation show themselves.
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