HR-Tech 2021

Online conference dedicated to cloud technologies in the field of personnel management.


Venue: Online
Ribrics: Industry events

Cloud platforms for human capital management (HCM — Human Capital Management) are gaining more and more popularity. And these are no longer just accounting systems. Employee Experience platforms are also entering the market, which are beginning to play a significant role in the field of human capital management. Another class of solutions is the Talent Experience platform) — focused mainly on employees.

The sphere of personnel selection is also changing. Systems of search, assessment and selection of employees, interviewing and experience management based on artificial intelligence are emerging. Training is increasingly taking place directly during work. To do this, platforms for sharing experience are created, where there is everything necessary to create video materials, recommendations on content based on artificial intelligence are issued, there are mechanisms for preliminary and self-assessment of skills.

Topics to be discussed at the conference:

1. HR technology market in Of Russia

  • How the Russian HRM market is developing;
  • What role do HRTech startups play in it;
  • How to automate HR work;
  • Who should be responsible for digitizing HR.

2. Technologies and tools

  • Technologies for assessing candidates by voice, facial expressions and gestures;
  • How to manage learning with artificial intelligence;
  • Talent and experience management: which solution to choose;
  • Platforms for the formation and development of corporate culture: new approaches;
  • Mobile technologies in HR service.

3. Recruitment

  • How to search for candidates for vacancies quickly and efficiently;
  • What can be assigned to a robot recruiter;
  • How artificial intelligence evaluates candidates;

4. HR Analytics

  • Who should manage the creation of HR applications;
  • Working with big data in HR;
  • Talent management based on big data: cases.

5. Internal communications

  • How to organize internal communications in the company;
  • Bots in the service of HR-Department;
  • New methods of personnel adaptation and training.



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