Conference “Data Quality 2021”

The only one in Russia conference on how to ensure the quality of data in accordance with the purposes of their use, ensuring completeness, accuracy, correctness and relevance.


Venue: Moscow, Novodanilovskaya emb., 6, bldg. 2, Palmira Business Club Hotel
Ribrics: Industry events

“Data quality” is the only Russia conference bringing together users and creators of data quality management solutions, specialists from different industries, ready to share concrete experience in building and implementing a data quality management strategy, deployment and operation of the continuous quality assurance pipeline required by any organization of the digital economy.

The conference is planned to discuss:

  • How does data quality affect business: characteristics and risks, indicators and metrics?
  • How to build your data quality management strategy?
  • How to establish an effective data quality pipeline?
  • Data quality support architecture: models and flows?
  • How to integrate data and manage metadata?
  • What are the secrets of ensuring the quality of registry and reference data?
  • In practice, to organize the profiling, cleansing, and data enrichment?
  • How to choose data quality management tools?

Conference for:

  • Business, project and information product managers;
  • CIO, CDO and CTO;
  • Analysts, consultants, data specialists, data quality experts;
  • Heads of sales, marketing, operations and development.
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