A major scientific event is the 3rd International Forum, where scientists and practitioners will determine the prospects for modern neuroscience development.

11.12.2020 — 12.12.2020

Venue: Ekaterinburg, Borisa Yeltsina St., 3, Yeltsin Center, Yekaterinburg, Lenina St., 51, Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin
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The Forum's Objective: integration of scientists and practitioners' experience — leading experts in the field of cognitive neurosciences, determining the prospects for the development of modern neuroscience.

The Forum's Directions:

  • Neurotechnology in Action
  • Brain and Behaviour Instrumental Research;
  • Gerontopsychology and Neuromedicine;
  • Neuropsychology and Psychogenetics;
  • Neuro- and Psycholinguistics;
  • Neuro- and Cognitive Heuristics;
  • Young Scientists' Section

The Forum's program includes:

  • plenary and breakout sessions;
  • poster session;
  • partners' special projects.

The Forum will discuss instrumental studies of the brain and behaviour, neurotechnology in action, geropsychology and neuro medicine, neuropsychology and psychogenetics, neuro- and psycholinguistics, neuro- and cognitive heuristics. The interdisciplinary research results at the intersection of linguistics, psychology, engineering, mathematics, and neurophysiology will be presented.

Among the key speakers of the Forum are scientists from the United States (Theophilius Lazarus and others), Germany (Tonio Ball and others), Spain (Alexander Pisarchik), Israel (Irina Ovchinnikova), Russia (Tatiana Chernigovskaya, Maria Falikman, Sergei Malykh, etc. ).

Non-invasive brain research methods, neurorehabilitation, the use of virtual reality and robotic devices to restore thinking skills, the effect of aging on the brain and personality, the creation of a developing environment for young children, the specifics of decision-making and solving intellectual problems. The multifaceted theme of the Forum demonstrates the scale, scientific, and social appeal of the upcoming event.

The plenary and breakout sessions of the Forum will be held at the Ural Federal University and the Yeltsin Centre sites.

In the event of a worsening epidemiological situation and the introduction of restrictive measures, the number of full-time participants may be limited. The format of the event will be combined, involving the use of online forms of participation.

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