Go Global Summit

An annual business event for top managers will bring together more than 500 executives of large Russian export companies, representatives of international brands developing business in Russia, and government officials responsible for developing the state's export strategy.


Venue: Moscow, Leninskaya Sloboda St. 26, block 15, Loft Hall
Site: www.goglobalsummit.ru
Ribrics: Industry events

The Summit Agenda is dedicated to the successful strategies of bringing national brands to foreign markets, restructuring business processes to transform the local business into a global and growing role of international communications in the landscape of the digital economy.

The event agenda includes thematic sessions, during which the Summit delegates will learn how global technological trends are changing business models and human behaviour around the world, what intelligent solutions will help businesses to increase competitiveness, how a brand communication platform can attract international investors and consumers, how they are changing the character of human capital and principles of its management in the era of globalization. The conference participants will discuss the essential measures of state support for exporters and the latest changes in the legal and tax aspects of foreign economic activity.

Within the industry sessions framework, top managers of leading domestic and foreign companies will share their strategies for international expansion in such industries as mechanical engineering, fuel and energy complex, metallurgy, information technology, transport, healthcare, and the service sector.

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