The largest regional IT conference, which for the tenth time will bring together experts from the world of information technology.

22.05.2020 — 24.05.2020 (09:00 — 19:00)

Venue: Ulyanovsk, Lenin Square, house 4/5
Ribrics: Industry events

The Stachka IT-conference has a rich program of 200 reports in 5 areas: development, digital, management, trends, career and education.

Event participants — 5,000 people, of which:
40% — backend and frontend developers, devops engineers, DBA, team leaders, specialists in testing and automation of testing processes, analytics;
28% — SMM-specialists, marketers, SEO-optimisation specialists, content managers, copywriters, designers, account managers;
23% — owners of IT-business, top managers of IT-companies, heads of IT-divisions;
9% — young IT specialists and students of individual specialties.

At the Stachka:

  • several cool reports will be read at once;
  • there will be an opportunity to make useful contacts;
  • You will be able to meet with colleagues with whom you talked and/or worked online;
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Stachka LLC

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Tel.: +7(902)-355-55-99