DX DAY 2020

A conference on implementation of digital technologies and transformation of a business model, organisational structure, processes, products, and teams in accordance with changes in consumer preferences and requirements for goods, communications, and services.

17.04.2020 (09:30 — 19:00)

Venue: Moscow, Poklonnaya St., 3, Newsroom
Site: fb-forum.com/dt
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DX DAY means:

  • Cases. Four thematic sessions will help you dive into the topic of digital business transformation: innovation strategies, operational model, motivation and corporate culture;
  • Practice. Participants will receive a model for assessing the innovative maturity of the company, independently diagnose the current level of innovative development and determine the next steps for transformation directly at the forum;
  • Live Studio. An open studio was organised as part of the forum, where interviews will be held with people who change the world every day and are not afraid to change themselves;
  • TechShow. Join the technology showcase where IT leaders showcase technology and discuss their place in the future of companies.

Topics of 2020:

  • Innovation Management Strategies. What will be the digitalisation of business in 2020? Global trends. Forecast of the industry and technology development in Russia and around the world;
  • Operational model and tools for innovation. Organisation of project management processes, decision-making process, piloting and implementation of changes;
  • Motivation. Acceptance of innovation by employees. Financial and non-financial motivation;
  • Corporate culture. A culture of experiments and risk perception, a customer-centric approach, leadership, and employee engagement.

The forum will bring together leaders from various sectors of the economy, including retail, e-commerce, financial services, telecommunications, IT, FMCG, pharmacy, and others.

CEOs, CDOs, CIOs, as well as directors and executives responsible for the following functions:

  • Strategies and development;
  • Transformation and innovations of processes and products;
  • Management of customer experience, service, and support;
  • Digital;
  • Information technologies and safety;
  • Internal communications and staff development.
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