International Forum: “Biotechnology: Current State and Development Prospects.”

The Forum is dedicated to the state and prospects of biotechnology development. Scientific reports, latest scientific developments and reports, modern research, discoveries and innovations, presentations of projects.

27.05.2020 — 29.05.2020 (10:00 — 18:00)

Venue: 4 Ilyinka St., Gostiny Dvor, City of Moscow
Ribrics: Industry events

The Forum is attended by companies and organisations from 40 regions of the Russian Federation, the representatives of the countries of near and far abroad.

The central thematic areas:

  • Fundamental questions of biotechnology;
  • Genomic engineering;
  • Biotechnology and Medicine;
  • Biopharma;
  • Bioinformatics;
  • Bioeconomy.

To attend the Congress as a participant, it is necessary to get registered and obtain an invitation card.

At the same time, the annual international specialised exhibition BioTechProm and Analytics will be held.

The international exhibition Biotechprom and Analytics is the largest specialised biotechnological exhibition held in Russia, in which Russian and foreign companies in the field of biotechnology take part, representing the latest developments and their implementation, promoting the products and services of biotechnological companies for pharmaceutical, food, agricultural and industrial biotechnology.

The exhibition presents a wide range of equipment: bioreactors, fermenters, sequencers, amplifiers, centrifuges, IR and Fourier spectrometers, spectrophotometers, chromatographers, ovens and much more equipment, furniture, and supplies for laboratories.

A separate area of the BioLabDrive exhibition is dedicated to equipping modern biotechnological laboratories — a presentation of the latest developments in the field of primary and auxiliary equipment and demonstration of unique and traditional laboratory design solutions.

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