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Forum.Digital AI

An event dedicated to the future of artificial intelligence.

05.02.2020 (10:00 — 20:00)

Venue: Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya nab. 12, WTC Congress Centre
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The International Forum on Artificial Intelligence 2020 is a large-scale international event in Russia for the exchange of valuable experience, strategies, and results of cases in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Thousands of companies in the world have already moved from pilots to the implementation of AI.

The experts at the Forum will discuss what difficulties get in their way and how to deal with them. Digital February 5, 2020.

The topic of the plenary session of the Forum: "Development and implementation of new technologies until 2030. Strategies, Prospects, and Economic Growth of Russia."

Topics for discussion:

  • Development and implementation of new technologies until 2030. Strategies, Prospects and Economic Growth of Russia;
  • What is the specificity of data storage in production? Does the company reduce the use of AI? What are the dynamics of revenue, and is the growth of the market for companies with the introduction of AI technologies projected?
  • Learning by doing: How to organize the training process at an enterprise?
    What is the pattern for interpreting end-to-end technology data by enterprise employees?
    AI Opinion: What problems do developers have when creating an AI model — engines, programming languages, library collections, and data warehouses?
  • How is AI used in hazardous and inaccessible production areas? How to combine power saving and artificial intelligence? Is it possible to digitise existing equipment?
  • How does AI change medical research?
    How to prevent a lack of capacity for the introduction of AI in the medical industry in Russia? Will AI help prevent increased patient care costs?
  • How does AI transform the retail industry?
    Are Russian companies ready to introduce AI into production?
  • What tools are needed to create digital infrastructure in industries? How soon will the investment in digital technology in the industry pay off? What is the likelihood of the digitalisation and implementation of AI in existing equipment?
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