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The 20th International Forum iFin–2020, the largest Forum on e-finance in Russia since 2001, over 800 participants.

19.02.2020 — 20.02.2020 (09:15 — 18:00)

Venue: Moscow, Europe Sq., 2, hotel Radisson Slavyanskaya.
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Starting with iFin–2001, the Forum has been gathering software and equipment developers, consulting, and service companies that are actively working in the remote financial services market and have the appropriate solutions. During this time, the iFin Forum has established itself as a central event in the field of advanced technologies and new financial services that provide remote customer service. In many ways, the Forum is a unique event in Russia.

The relevance of the iFin Forum today is due to significant changes in the banking services market. The intensive growth of the domestic retail banking market, which has attracted not only the largest Russian and foreign banks, but also hundreds of medium and small banks, today forms a steady demand for high-tech solutions for servicing the mass customer.

Every year, the iFin Forums are becoming more representative and exciting for both the audience and the participating companies. This is directly related to the "growing" distance financial services market in Russia. Starting with careful trial attempts to create new services with minimal resources in 2000–2001, today, banks have reached the industrial level of developing remote financial services. This requires software and hardware developers, consulting, and service companies to offer appropriate solutions that can meet the growing demands of the market.

The Forum is interesting primarily for banks, investment, brokerage, and other financial companies, which today urgently need solutions for organizing and providing remote financial services to their clients.

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