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The leading independent open conference on artificial intelligence in Russia.

20.02.2020 — 21.02.2020

Venue: Moscow
Ribrics: Industry events

OpenTalks. AI is an event where, thanks to the synthesis of science and business, new products and technologies are born, start-ups and partnerships appear, and the best personnel and teams are found.

OpenTalks. AI is an event for everyone who develops technologies in the field of AI, is looking for new applications and business models, wants to plunge into the AI industry in 2 days and hear the speeches of the best specialists from Russia and the world, representing real cases of using AI in business.

At the conference, participants will find:

  • Survey reports on each area of technology and business applications;
  • Sections with scientific, technological and industry reports;
  • Panels for law, ethics, investment.

Scientific and technological reports on various fields of AI application will give a complete picture of the current state of computer vision, language processing, data analysis and predictive analytics, and robotics.

In addition, participants will see companies presenting examples of real cases using AI technology in the industry, retail, marketing, security, legal practice, and medicine.

At OpenTalks. AI will organize pitch sessions for presentations of start-ups in the field of AI.

The OpenTalks Conference. AI is an ideal place for start-ups in the field of artificial intelligence. Participants will have a unique opportunity to talk about their start-up right in the framework of the conference in front of a professional audience of several hundred people. There will be leading investors in the conference hall who are currently investing in AI; large and medium-sized companies interested in partnership; scientists and engineers at the forefront of AI research.

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