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The 8th Forum of Financial Innovation.


Venue: Moscow, Pokrovka St., 47, Digital Business Space
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The topic of the last FinNext Forum was the change of the race of “beautiful developments” by the struggle for emotions and love of the client. Over the year, market leaders took a step further. Now their attention is increasingly focused on the life of the client beyond the usual financial transactions.

Companies, and this is not only banks, are immersed in the lives of their customers, dissolve in them, strive to leave a bright mark and cover the whole variety of needs with convenient services, and perhaps become invisible, but an integral part of life. What innovations, technologies, and practices will help them in this? These will all be discussed at FinNext 2020.

Participants will be able to find out why and how companies are trying to penetrate the lives and emotions of customers and how to compete with traditional banking? What simple practices will help change and bring more life to the clients?

Investors will be able to be acquainted with exciting innovative projects and teams. Choose the most attractive and promising. Contribute to the development of innovation in the financial industry.

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