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The Open Innovations Forum

The Open Innovations Forum is a key international platform for discussing global technology trends, sharing experiences, and presenting the latest solutions.

21.10.2019 — 23.10.2019

Venue: Moscow, the territory of the Innovation Centre Skolkovo, Big Boulevard, 42- 1
Ribrics: RVC events
Status: Co-organizer

For the third year in a row, the Forum takes place on the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre.

Especially for the participants of the Open Innovations Forum, there is a meeting appointment service with which participants can easily plan their time at the Forum and find the right people. Not a single minute of the Forum is wasted.

Key topics:

  • Digital man
    Digitalization and a man. Changes in the quality of life and man himself under the influence of technology
  • Intellectual economy
    The growth of a smart economy based on data, involvement in global economic processes and the emergence of new export-import relations
  • Future Technologies
    New technologies and R&D, global technology transfer, corporate innovation, key digital transformation technologies.

The main goal of the Forum is the development and commercialization of the latest technologies, the popularization of global technology brands and the creation of new tools for international cooperation in the field of innovation. The program includes plenary sessions and thematic sessions, an exhibition, educational events, seminars and masterclasses, innovative shows, business meetings, and, of course, informal communication takes place among the Forum participants.

As part of the Open Innovations 2019 Forum, KPMG will host the finals of the IT start-up Competition.

An application for participation in the competition can be sent if the project is in one of the areas:

  • Big data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural communications, predictive analytics systems;
  • Digital production (process control, TO&P, etc.);
  • Internet of things;
  • Distributed registries;
  • Process mining;
  • BPM.

Selection criteria:

  • Existing business with the presence of revenue from sales of software, devices;
  • The presence of a model of commercialization and an organizational model of business;
  • Solutions that may be in demand on the international market;
  • The project corresponds to the subject of competitive selection.
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