Autonet International Forum

An annual key event dedicated to the development of highly automated transport, automotive digital services, and transport and logistics services.

11.10.2019 (10:00 — 18:00)

Venue: Moscow, Kosmodamianskaya Emb., 52/7, SAP Digital Space.
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Status: Partner

Forum Events:

  • Informal business breakfast: a look into the future of transport and logistics of people and things;
  • Plenary discussion;
  • Discussions of primary trends with global Ted Talks professionals — the market leader;
  • Presentations of technologies, projects, and business ideas;
  • The Annual award — AUTONET AWARDS;
  • Discussion on key topics;
  • The project session of the NTI Autonet working group with the teams of the winning projects of the NTI Autonet development competition.

Hot Topics:

  • End-to-end Technologies: 5G, IOT, AI
  • Is the future here, or is it there?
  • Big Data Monetization
  • Cyber terrorism in transport
  • Where is an unmanned vehicle going to?
  • Smart city mobility: Are you ready for the all-seeing eye?
  • Investments in transport mobility: where to look for breakthrough technologies?
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