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Development institute of the Russian Federation

Autonet International Forum

An annual key event dedicated to the development of highly automated transport, automotive digital services, and transport and logistics services.

11.10.2019 (10:00 — 18:00)

Venue: Moscow, Kosmodamianskaya Emb., 52/7, SAP Digital Space.
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Forum Events:

  • Informal business breakfast: a look into the future of transport and logistics of people and things;
  • Plenary discussion;
  • Discussions of primary trends with global Ted Talks professionals — the market leader;
  • Presentations of technologies, projects, and business ideas;
  • The Annual award — AUTONET AWARDS;
  • Discussion on key topics;
  • The project session of the NTI Autonet working group with the teams of the winning projects of the NTI Autonet development competition.

Hot Topics:

  • End-to-end Technologies: 5G, IOT, AI
  • Is the future here, or is it there?
  • Big Data Monetization
  • Cyber terrorism in transport
  • Where is an unmanned vehicle going to?
  • Smart city mobility: Are you ready for the all-seeing eye?
  • Investments in transport mobility: where to look for breakthrough technologies?
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