Forum of Innovative Financial Technologies.

09.10.2019 — 11.10.2019

Venue: Krasnodar region, Sochi, settl. Adler, Olympic Ave, house 1
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The Forum, conducted by the Bank of Russia in association with the leaders of IT and financial market, has become the country's largest platform for discussing and analysing trends and opportunities for the use of modern digital technologies in the financial sector.

The Forum annually brings together about one and a half thousand participants from Russian and foreign companies, as well as experts and government officials. The Forum program includes an exhibition area in which market leaders and young companies present their achievements and plans in the field of fintech and a fintech start-up competition. Also, at FINOPOLIS 2017, Fintech Youth Day was held for the first time.

The mission of FINOPOLIS is to promote the implementation of innovative technologies in the financial sector of the Russian Federation

The goals of the Forum:

  • A comprehensive discussion of current trends in the development of financial technologies;
  • Presentation of the latest domestic and foreign technology products and infrastructure solutions;
  • Discussion by market participants of initiatives and projects for the development of the digital economy in the financial sector.

Key Topics of FINOPOLIS 2019:

  • Regulatory Fast Track for fintech
  • Immersive fintech: personal experience or its illusion?
  • 2035
  • Payment Services: surprise me if you can
  • Cybersecurity: die all living or new life?
  • Digit and the right — are we on time or late?
  • Me, me again and a digital avatar
  • Fintech is closer to the body: new opportunities for SMEs
  • Government Services: from elementary to advanced
  • Quantum Disrupt
  • The genesis of fintech insurance
  • Digital Maturity: human nature vs. social engineering
  • Blockchain, crypto assets, digital currencies — an oasis or a mirage?
  • Bigtechs: Angels and Demons
  • Digital Audit: true or fiction?
  • Robobestiary
  • Hash or Cache
  • Open Banking: a right or an obligation?
  • AI under the hood of fintech: what to expect?
  • Why does fintech need clouds?
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