Legal AI

A leading Russian conference focusing on use of AI technologies in legal practice.

19.09.2019 (09:00 — 19:00)

Venue: conference hall at MegaFon PJSC, atrium, 4th floor, 41 Oruzheiniy per., City of Moscow
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Legal AI is a place where participants will be able to learn about new trends and developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence in legal practice, listen to the speeches of leading AI experts from Russia and abroad, and make contacts necessary for your business development.

On the Conference / the Conference will cover

  • cases of the best Russian and foreign specialists in the field of artificial intelligence; 
  • Participants will be able to discuss the current state of technology; 
  • Participants will be immersed in regulatory, ethical and legal issues; 
  • Companies will hold several workshops on using their services in business; 
  • A mobile app will be used to offer an opportunity of scheduling meetings with conference participants in simple terms; 
  • a breakfast combined with an introductory lecture on artificial intelligence.

The topics for discussion:

  • "AI in simple terms" lecture 
  • Use of AI in legal practice 
  • Panel discussion: Regulation in AI 
  • Panel discussion: Ethics and AI 
  • Forecast for AI development by "technological stars" of the industry
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