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The Belgorod IT Forum to gather 1000+ active participants of IT industry under one roof.

14.09.2019 (09:00 — 23:00)

Venue: 56A ul. Belgorodskogo Polka, City of Belgorod
Ribrics: Industry events

The Belgorod IT forum will be held in the conference format and cover the topics as follows:

  • Development. Backend, Frontend, DevOps, Mobile, QA, Safety, Internet of Things, GameDev, AI, Big data; 
  • Digital. Content, Marketing, SEO, lead generation, SMM, Target; 
  • Design. Graphic design, Identica, Web design, UI/UX; 
  • Product. Creation of IT products, MVP, CustDev, product training, search for new products, businesses, markets; 
  • Projects. Application of Agile and Scrum, Kanban, Holacracy, Perfect Scrum Master and Product Owner; 
  • Management. Teamwork, Teamlead, DevRel, Delegation and Motivation, Communication, HR.

BIF is:

  • the opportunity to learn about new IT technologies directly from those who create and implement them today; 
  • the largest IT Forum in the Black Earth region; 
  • a platform for exchange of experience within the professional business and IT community, meetings of specialists and potential customers.

Who would definitely like it:

  • Small and medium business executives who would like to improve their business processes using IT and marketing technologies; 
  • Specialists in Internet marketing, SMM, PR, advertising;
  • Bloggers, freelancers and developers of services for social media; 
  • Founders of IT companies and heads of IT projects; 
  • Programmers and developers of IT products; 
  • Students majoring in IT and all those who think that the future belongs to IT
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