International festival of university technological startups

The largest international event for university startups.

24.06.2019 — 28.06.2019 (10:00 — 18:00)

Venue: Letter A, 1, build. 3 Kantemirovskaya St. St. Petersburg
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The International Festival of University Technological Startups brings together entrepreneurs from across the world and it offers a chance to win up to $ 50,000 for startup development.

The Festival provides an opportunity to win a grant for project development and to meet potential customers and investors. It also offers a chance to pitch to a truly international audience and meet the leading transnational Russian corporations that can help enter and secure a foothold in the Russian market.

The Festival encompasses six tracks:

  1. Digital Health. As technology continues to help us achieve previously unattainable results in healthcare, we take a look at the topics at the frontier of human health. 
  2. Educational Technologies. We believe in the power of technology to transform the education process and the ability of education to build a better world of future generations. Thus, we will explore the latest developments in the area and promising new technologies. 
  3. Neurotechnology. Thanks to neural network technologies we get fundamental knowledge of brain functions, mental activity and consciousness. In this track, we will explore the latest developments in this area. 
  4. Startup management. Creating startups have always been connected with new challenges. In this track, we will examine how successful entrepreneurs run their startups when dealing with uncertainties, in growth and scaling stages. And we will also discover modern, innovative practices and tools that can have a tremendous impact on your success. 
  5. Marketing and Growth Hacking. We will focus in this track on innovative ways to promote products and services that you can use right now, and you will achieve immediate results while leaving the competitors far behind. 
  6. Startup funding. When you start a startup, most likely you will need some funding. In this track, we will examine a variety of fundraising opportunities to attract funds from different sources, including from venture capitalists.
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