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VI International Conference IOT Russia Internet of Things

At the conference, subject matter experts will highlight the main objectives of the IoT market in Russia and share practical experience in introducing the Internet of Things into business.

27.03.2019 (10:00 — 18:00)

Venue: 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, building 5, Technopolis Moscow Congress Center, Moscow
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According to international analytical companies (IDC and J’son & Partners Consulting), Russia is the largest player in the IoT market in Central and Eastern Europe with an annual growth rate of 15%. However, Russian companies point out that they need to know more about the Internet of Things technology.

The conference participants will be able to find out:

  • how to apply the Internet of Things in their industry; 
  • who is the best supplier of platforms and devices of the Internet of Things; 
  • how to test business models with the IoT without spending a lot of money; 
  • how to set up the IoT solutions as efficiently as possible; 
  • how the IoT market is developing in Russia.

The Internet of Things is not just sensors and connected devices. This is an opportunity to take a fresh look at how we use data and how effectively we develop the infrastructure.

Themes of the event:

  • Control systems; 
  • Transport; 
  • Wearable technology; 
  • Big data; 
  • Cloud service; 
  • Monetization; 
  • Startups; 
  • Security;
  • Medicine; 
  • Smart Things; 
  • Smart City; 
  • Smart House.
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