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RoboFest — 2019

The largest in Europe and one of the largest festivals in the world, annually gathering the best participants of scientific and technical creativity at the age of 6 to 30 years old, who present their unique designs.

20.03.2019 — 22.03.2019 (09:00 — 19:00)

Venue: VDNH, 119 Prospekt Mira, Moscow
Ribrics: Industry events

RoboFest is a platform not only for competitions in robotics, but also for educational, gaming and entertainment programs: presentations, workshops, interactive lectures. A business program, competitions for partners and resource centers are traditionally organized as part of the festival, tours for schoolchildren are held. The organizers always make every effort so that each RoboFest Festival becomes a bright and unforgettable event for its participants and guests.

The first RoboFest was held in 2009, and by 2014, the scale of the festival expanded significantly: about 550 teams of young roboteers from 42 regions of Russia competed in 22 types of competitions. Today, RoboFest is the largest robotic festival in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

National finals of international competitions in robotics, including the FIRST Robotics Competition, have been for several years held at RoboFest. Their winners in various nominations will represent Russia at the FIRST Robotics Competitions in St. Louis, and will also participate in international exchange programs.

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