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Business-forum «Smart City & Smart Region: Digital technologies on the way to "smart country"

Event task is dialog between the federal authorities and management bodies of the national project "Digital economy of the Russian Federation" from one part and regional/municipal authorities from the other part, as well exchange of the best practices and agreements on replicating of the successful regional projects in the other federation subjects, examining advanced experience of the cities and countries of the world, setting up the needs and tasks for regions/cities for IT and telecommunication community.

21.02.2019 (09:00 — 18:00)

Venue: St.Petersburg, Lermontovskiy pr., bldg. 43/1, hotel Azimuth Saint Petersburg"
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In 2019, ComNews informational group will hold a number of regional events under the common name "Smart City & Smart Region: Digital technologies on the way to "smart country".

The events will be held in the cities where the Smart City or Smart Region projects have been already launched:

  • Saint-Petersburg. 
  • Kazan. 
  • Vladivostok. 
  • Yekaterinburg. 
  • Novosibirsk. 
  • Sochi. 
  • Sevastopol. 
  • Moscow.

The first event of the series will be held in St. Petersburg and will be devoted to the issues related to the digital informational infrastructure for the creation of Smart City. Location of the first forum is selected not without reason: in the city, from the middle of 2017, the Project office of "Smart St. Petersburg" acts, and in 2019, works on the Digital development plan for St. Petersburg that will represent a digital model of the territory development model in action. Furthermore: St. Petersburg forum «Smart City & Region: Digital technologies on the way to "smart country" will continue traditions of the annual conference "Telecom of the Russian capitals" that gathered owners of the digital infrastructure and representatives of the authorities of different country regions.

Main forum topics:

  • Smart country, Smart city is development of the concept and scaling of the successful models.
  • Contribution of the region and city in implementation of the national program "Digital economy". 
  • The first practical results of the "smart city" projects implementation. 
  • Solutions to serve to the smart city. Practical integration experience. 
  • Telecommunication infrastructure for the "smart cities".
  • Opportunity to create new typical scenarios and products for "smart city". 
  • New opportunities for the operators — owners of the informational infrastructure in implementation of the "smart city" and "smart region" projects.
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