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Conference on innovative technologies for business.

20.11.2018 — 23.11.2018 (17:00 — 21:00)

Venue: Moscow, 1st Zachatievsky lane., 4, InfoSpace
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RUSSIAN TECH WEEK — 3 days of intensive training and networking to gain knowledge and connections for which the participants otherwise would need several years.

A multi-format conference, eight types of events during the week at one and the same venue, at the same time, four streams of presentations in parallel in different conference rooms.

Main topics of Russian Tech Week 2018:

  • FinTech. World experience of breakthrough technological solutions in the financial industry: fintech in the banking sector, fintech start-ups, and new technologies for payment services, etc.
  • Block chain. The most acclaimed technology in the last two years with an emphasis on business solutions: cases of corporate solutions, development, investment in cryptocurrency, mining, and legal practice.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and Data Science. Artificial Intelligence Technologies for solving business problems have become available to everyone, but few people know about it: AI for customer service, AI for banks, industries and corporations, collection and processing of data sets, automation of business processes, etc.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality. Virtual and augmented reality technologies for solving business problems: VR/AR for training, marketing, event-agencies and this is just the beginning.
  • Medical technologies. Innovative medicine has become a reality: Medtech for clinic owners, telemedicine healthcare, exoskeletons and other technologies of the future.
  • Educational technology. New learning technologies: creation of innovative educational products, HR, and automation of staff training.
  • Business analytics. The participants will learn about the vast role of business analytics as a corporate governance tool, will get to know agile, scrum, kanban and other innovations for corporations.
  • Cybersecurity. Information security, technology to protect against hacker attacks and cryptographers as well as new products from the cybersecurity platform.
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