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The annual forum has been held in Moscow since 2012 under the auspices of the Government of the Russian Federation and among the participants of the innovation ecosystem development.

15.10.2018 — 17.10.2018 (10:00 — 18:00)

Venue: 143026, Moscow, the territory of Skolkovo Innovation center, Bolshoy Boulevard, 42, bldg. 1, Skolkovo Technopark
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The main objective of the Forum is the development and commercialization of advanced technologies, promotion of global technology brands and creation of new instruments of international cooperation in the field of innovations. The program features plenary and thematic sessions, an exhibition, educational events, seminars and workshops, innovative shows, business meetings and, of course, there is informal communication among the participants.

The audience and the purpose of the visit:

  • Business. Search for partners from high-tech sectors, gaining knowledge about emerging markets and new models of company development, diversification of activities, support of cooperation with the innovation ecosystem and the state.
  • Investors. Exchange of experience with successful global foundations, updating knowledge about the markets of breakthrough technologies, expansion of the projects pipeline and establishment of relations with big business.
  • Startups. Insight into the new generation technologies, the review of possibilities of the ecosystems and the advanced tools for a company's "takeoff" and the increase of its sales, interaction with investors and big business.
  • The ecosystem of innovations. Sharing experience and case studies of "growing" entrepreneurs, startups globalization, the mechanics of the global venture capital market, involvement with the international innovation and acceleration community.
  • The power. The identification of new needs in the field of innovative technologies, development of state innovation support programs, promotion and strengthening of innovative activities.
  • Science and education. New knowledge on breakthrough technologies and promising directions of research and the latest trends, access to the discussion of the demands of the business, presentation of own needs, review of opportunities for ideas commercialization.

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