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Skolkovo Cyberday Conference 2018. Today and Tomorrow of Cybersecurity

A leading annual international conference devoted to topical issues of the development of technologies in the field of information security.

30.11.2018 (09:30 — 19:00)

Venue: Moscow, the territory of Skolkovo Innovation center, Bolshoy Boulevard, 42, bldg. 1
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Topics of the conference:

1. The application of machine learning to the issues of cyber security

  • Machine learning algorithms for cybersecurity solutions.
  • The advantages of machine learning for cyber security.
  • How machine learning algorithms complement the efforts of security analysts.
  • How machine learning and cybersecurity are developing.

2. Bug Bounty Program:

  • BugBounties: the risk and the reward.
  • Too many unknown variables.
  • Unauthorized public disclosure of information.
  • How can businesses protect themselves based on actual threats and vulnerabilities, without investing in wider-scale technological measures?

3. Bring Your Own Device, the use of personal devices for work purposes (BYOD):

  • Security strategies for BYOD: balancing the risks and rewards of BYOD.
  • Allowing the use of mobile devices owned by employees does not mean the acceptance of all the risks involved in BYOD. Information security specialists share their strategies for BYOD security.

4. Barriers and opportunities for the development of international cooperation in the field of information security:

  • Global technological and market trends in the field of information security.
  • The specifics of entering the markets of USA, UAE, Europe, and Asia.
  • Effective business models and the best ways to start for Russian startups.
  • The prospects of commercialization in IS abroad.

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