III Russian-Chinese Forum "Investing in Innovation"

III Russian-Chinese Forum "Investing in Innovation" will be held on October 16, 2018 in Moscow in the framework of the "Open innovations" international forum. The purpose of the Forum is to create a platform for open dialogue and cooperation between Russian and Chinese professional investors.

16.10.2018 (10:00 — 21:00)

Venue: 143026, Moscow, the territory of Skolkovo Innovation center, Bolshoy Boulevard, 42, bldg. 1
Site: invest-to-innovation.com/en/
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RVC, together with the Venture Committee of the All-China Association for the Financial Promotion of Science and Technology and the Torch Chinese Union of Eurasian Cooperation, holds the third Russian-Chinese Forum "Investing in Innovation", which will be held within the business program of "Open Innovations" international Forum in Moscow, Russia, on October 16, 2018, at Skolkovo Technopark.

The key purpose of the Forum is to provide opportunities to create direct and open dialogue between Russian and Chinese professional investors.

The speakers and participants include representatives of private equity and venture capital investments, institutional investors, representatives of high technology sectors and large Russian and Chinese corporations.

During the event, the participants will

  • discuss the major trends in the venture capital markets and innovation ecosystems of Russia and China;
  • present the actual data describing the specific features of development of the Russian and Chinese direct and venture investments markets;
  • get acquainted with examples of successful joint transactions;
  • examine the possibility of establishing joint investment projects;
  • discuss the specifics of the institutional and technological environment for the creation of mutually beneficial financial partnerships.

We invite you to participate and to register on the Forum website, http://www.invest-to-innovation.com

The participation in the "Investing in Innovation" Forum is free of charge. For access to the venue, participants must register for "Open Innovations" Forum. The terms of participation in the "Open Innovations" Forum can be found at: http://openinnovations.ru/info

If you would like to participate as a speaker or are willing to share interesting and relevant information about venture markets of Russia or China with the participants of the Forum, you can contact the Organizers at forum@invest-to-innovation.com

You can read the current version of the event's program on the website of the Forum.

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Speakers and experts:

Alexander Borisovich Povalko, General Director, the Chairman of JSC RVC Management Board

Alexey Nikolaevich Basov, Deputy General Director, Investment Director, member of JSC RVC Board