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The Championship of Russia and the stage of the World Cup in drone racing in the F-3U class

The first official competition for drone racing in the F-3U class in Russia in a national and international format.

27.07.2018 — 29.07.2018

Venue: Nakhabino, Nakhabino urban-type settlement
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Within three days on the site in Nakhabino in the Moscow Oblast, the following competitions will be held:

  • — Championship I of Russia in drone racing;
  • — Stage I of the World Cup in drone raiсing in Russia;
  • — Open competitions for residents of Moscow and the Moscow Oblast;
  • — Night drone air show.

At a specially prepared venue, the event will bring together more than 300 participants from all over Russia and abroad to compete for the title of the best drone racer of the season and support Russia in the formation of a new bright and spectacular sport.

Based on the results of the first Russian Championship on July 27, the Russian national team will be formed for 2018-2019. Only the best Russian pilots will represent the country at the international stage of the competition on July 28 by joining the global drone racing elite.

During the days of competition, amateurs and novices of popular sports will be able to fly. Besides, as part of open competitions, specially prepared master classes, lessons, experimental flights and, finally, mini-races according to simplified rules on Russian-made copters will be held for all residents of the region. And for the youngest participants of the races there will be competitions on throwing gliders.

A brilliant evening air show performed by professional pilots on gliders and drones with illumination on the LED night track will complement the extravaganza of the competition.

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