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ISLAND 10-21

Educational intensive course for technological leaders

10.07.2018 — 21.07.2018

Venue: Primorsk Krai, Vladivostok City District, Russkiy settlement, Ajax settlement
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"Island 10-21" is the first educational program in Russia for intensive training of personnel for the digital economy and the National Technology Initiative. Participants in the program will be technicians, technology entrepreneurs, talented students, start-up businessmen, regional and federal officials, specialists in the field of Big Data and digital disciplines, and many others. Within 11 days, they will receive lessons from the leading Russian and foreign scientists, entrepreneurs and experts in the field of digital economy and technological development. The Island will become the largest communication platform, where participants will be able to “promote” their competencies and projects, exchange experience, establish professional contacts and form new project teams.

The program of the Island 10-21 project combines project work and educational formats aimed at the development of competencies in the following areas:

  • Development and application of end-to-end technologies:
    • —Big data;
    • — Artificial Intelligence;
    • — Distributed registry systems;
    • — New and portable energy sources;
    • — New production technologies;
    • — Wireless technologies;
    • — Neurotechnologies;
    • — VR/AR Technologies.
  • Versatile business competencies:
    • — Data-driven management;
    • — Digital communications;
    • — Thinking and activity modelling;
    • — Competences necessary to launch and promote high-tech products;
    • — Digital platforms as a new type of entities;
    • — Formation and development of teams to meet the task of product creation aimed at overcoming technological barriers;
    • — Improving personal effectiveness and managing resource conditions.

Following events are expected to be held for the participants of the "Island 10-21":

  • "X-labs" are the best scientists and laboratories of leading universities, including foreign ones, working in the field of digital economy. Participants will be able to enter their teams on the island to solve "impossible" tasks.
  • "Digital GTO" — short intensive courses on the main digital disciplines will allow you to quickly get those tools that have long been missing.
  • "Big Projects" — the participants will be able to join the teams of projects of the National Technological Initiative and the program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" both at the federal and regional levels. Focus is placed on: digital marketing, launch of products to global markets, platforms as a new type of entities, rapid formation of effective teams.
  • "Thinking Clubs" are the best Russian and foreign technologies of system thinking, solving inventive problems, designing and forecasting the future.
  • "Foresight Island" — lectures of visionaries.

How is the intensive course structured?

Everything will be like in the near future: One thousand participants will join in different teams and work immediately on several tasks, sometimes randomly, more often based on special principles, laid down by the program authors. It will be possible to choose from several options offered at a certain stage.

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