Human Resources Management

The main task of the HR department is to assist the company in implementing its projects and initiatives, as well as achieving its key performance indicators.

The following lines of the HR policy were defined in order to achieve its goals in 2015:

  • Increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of employees by:
    — Introducing a system for evaluating staff, which is a universal instrument applied during recruitment, placement and staff rotation, and also when creating employee reserves and working teams;
    — Improving the system of training, professional development, and developing employees in accordance with the demands of the business.
  • An audit of the system for employee motivation and remuneration at RVC, and developing and introducing instruments that ensure the effective functioning of the salary and bonus system.
  • Supporting the socio-psychological climate in the company:
    — Increasing employee loyalty and the prevention of labor disputes;
    — Evaluating satisfaction / loyalty / involvement of employees;
    — Developing and implementing instruments for non-material motivation, including those aimed at retaining the key workers of RVC.