Anti-corruption Efforts

In 2015, the сompany adopted the Anti-Corruption Policy of RVC, which is the founding document for the prevention, detection, suppression and minimization of consequences from possible manifestations of corruption in the сompany.

The anti-corruption policy reflects the commitment of RVC and of its employees to the highest ethical standards of doing business and maintaining the business’s reputation, as well as striving to improve the corporate culture and following best corporate governance practices.

The сompany, within the framework of its competence, is initiating the introduction of anti-corruption policies in its subsidiaries and affiliates that are analogous with RVC’s anti-corruption policy, as well as making efforts to comply with the provisions of this document in joint companies and associations, as well as by contractors.

By Order of the President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (letter RSPP 663/05 on April 22, 2015), RVC was included as No. 393 in the consolidated register of participants of the Anti-Corruption Charter of Russian Business (a certificate of RVC’s affiliation with the Anti-Corruption Charger of Russian Business No. 989 from April 27, 2015).

With the aim of preventing and combating corruption at RVC, a plan for anti-corruption activities (order No. 02/16 from January 19, 2016) was approved as follows:

— A series of measures to be taken by the structural units of the сompany, aimed at ensuring the compliance of RVC activities with the requirements of applicable legislation;
— The creation of mechanisms for analyzing, detecting and evaluating risks in activities, and ensuring comprehensive protection by RVC;
— Strengthening the trust of shareholders, the investment community and contractors in RVC activities;
— Instilling in RVC’s employees a consciousness of anti-corruption, a deeper understanding of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the area of combating corruption, the Anti-Corruption Policy of RVC, and ensuring its practical application.