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Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

KAIST is the leading educational and research university in South Korea, one of the top 10 most innovative universities in the world according to Thomson Reuters. The University successfully operates the Center for Global Commercialization, which acts as an intermediary for the transfer and promotion of Korean technologies on world markets through a network of regional hubs.

North Ossetian State University. K.L. Khetagurova

The North Ossetian State University named after KL Khetagurov is one of the oldest educational and scientific complexes of the North Caucasus Federal District. In 2017, NOSU became the winner of the priority project of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia “Universities as Innovation Creation Space Centers” and received the status of a university center for innovation, technological and social development of the region.

The Far Eastern Federal University

The Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) is one of the largest universities in the Far East of Russia, an academic outpost of the country in the Asia-Pacific Region, an intellectual, educational, design and analytical center located on Russky Island on the shores of Ayaks Bay. The university’s partner network includes universities and research centers in Japan, South Korea, China and other APR countries.

The Lomonosov Moscow State University

It is one of the oldest and largest classical universities in Russia, one of the centers of national science and culture. It includes 15 research institutes, 41 faculties, more than 300 departments and 5 branches (including four foreign ones in the CIS countries). The university enrolls about 35 thousand students in undergraduate programs, specialties and graduate programs, 5 thousand graduate students, doctoral students, aspirants and 10 thousand students of preparatory departments. The faculties and research centers employ 4 thousand professors and teachers, about 5 thousand scientific workers.

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

It is a Russian national research university of mostly technical direction. A distinctive feature of the educational process at MIPT is the “Physics and Technology System”, aimed at preparing scientists and engineers to work in the newest areas of applied and theoretical physics, applied mathematics.

The St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University)

It is the leading university of Russia in the field of information and optical technologies. The modern educational program has enabled to improve the quality of graduate training and to meet the growing demand for specialists in the information, optical and other high-tech industries.

The St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

The St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is a multifunctional state institution of higher education. In 2010, it received the status of a national research university, which was a recognition of its role and capabilities both in the field of training and in multidisciplinary research and development. The Polytechnic University always takes leading positions in the ranking of Russia’s technical universities.

The Tomsk Polytechnic University

The Tomsk Polytechnic University is the leading technical university in the country. It was founded in 1896 as the Tomsk Technological Institute of Practical Engineers of Emperor Nicholas II. It became the first engineering university in the Asian part of the country. Today, TPU is in the top 10 universities of Russia and the top 400 universities in the world.